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Technology and Patents


Two variations of our technology  have been tested as treatment for ADHD:  light sound stimulation alone  (LSS), and EEG-Driven Light Sound Stimulation (EDLSS).  The first form is the easiest to use, requiring only that the user put on headphones and special light-stimulation glasses.  However, it is a "dumb" technology in that it can only play back the same stimulation pattern every time it is operated.

The second form adds a brainwave (EEG) sensor, which  detects the effect of the LSS  on brainwave activity and feeds it back to the system computer, which  in turn dynamically changes the nature of the stimulation being delivered.  In other words, the system  adapts itself in real time to the users current brainwave state.

Preliminary research results suggests that this form of stimulation is significantly more effective than simple LSS, and we believe that the realtime adaptive nature of the EEG feedback loop holds significant promise for further refinement.

For an overview of how our  prototype system worked, click here

You can find detailed information about how the technology works by reading our US patents (Acrobat PDF format).

          5,365,939 (1994)

          RE 36,348 (1999)

          6,081,743 (2000) 




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