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Research Papers and Dissertations

The section below provides links to complete research papers and doctoral dissertations related to the use of light and sound stimulation (LSS) and EEG-driven LSS (EDLSS) in the treatment of ADHD.  Note that the papers are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.  

If you would like to review a summary of results from these studies, click here. 

Type Title Authors Comments
Ph.D.  Dissertation "The use of Auditory and Visual Stimulation for the treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in children" (238 kb) Larry Micheletti, LMSW, ACP, BCIAC Very comprehensive study, includes 99 ADHD children 
SBIR Phase I Research Phase One Final Report (56 kb) Harold Russell, PhD

John Carter, PhD

Carefully controlled study including sham-treatment group
SBIR Phase II Research Phase Two Final Report (205 kb) Harold Russell, PhD

John Carter, PhD

Followup study to above; several "mini studies"  and followup of Phase I results, 16 months later
Paper A Pilot Investigation of Auditory and visual Entrainment of Brain Wave Activity in Learning Disabled Boys (129 kb) Harold Russell, PhD

John Carter, PhD

Originally published in the journal Texas Researcher, Winter 1993
Paper Intellectual, Auditory and Photic Stimulation and Changes in Functioning in Children and Adults (32 kb) Harold L. Russell, PhD Originally published in the journal Biofeedback, Spring 1997

The following section includes research utilizing light and sound stimulation in the treatment of conditions other than ADHD, and  some basic  research.

Type Title Authors Comments
Paper / conference presentation Brain Stimulation Improves Cognition and  Mood of Patients with Dementia  (403 kb) Gabriel Tan, PhD et. al Use of LSS to enhance mood and cognition in the elderly.
Paper Q-EEG and Behavioral Effects of Dilantin Termination in a case of a Post-Bilateral Aneurysm Patient (36 kb) Monica Tweel, M.S., et. al Case study showing effects on QEEG of interactions between Dilantin, biofeedback and LSS stimulation.
Paper Effects of Repeated 11 Hertz Entrainment on the EEG (70 kb)  Samuel T. Gontkovsky, et. al Single case study showing cumulative effects of multiple LSS stimulation sessions at 11 Hz

All copyrights for the above papers belong to the respective authors, and all have been included in this site with the permission of those author

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